Charlotte and Sarge discuss how he came to the field of Neurological Reorganization through his own experience with an anoxic brain injury. He describes his early childhood, marked by severe epilepsy and a series of misdiagnoses, treated by conventional medicine with heavy medication that left him essentially immobilized. At the age of 9, his father's intervention led to treatment through neurodevelopmental movement (implemented by his mother), combined with a year-long weaning from medication. Sarge explains that after four years, he was fully recovered -- physically and intellectually indistinguishable from his peers.


Distancing himself from the trauma of his childhood, Sarge initially worked in a variety of totally unrelated fields, until a job loss and financial necessity brought him back to neurodevelopmental movement, where he has remained for more than 25 years. Sarge's personal experience has provided an understanding and compassion that sets him -- and Active Healing -- apart. His broad spectrum of clients includes children who are dealing with such issues as cerebral palsy, autism, dyslexia, institutionalized trauma, reactive attachment disorder and ADHD. Through assessing vision, hearing, sense of touch, mobility, language, hand function and primitive reflexes, he can determine where the brain is dysfunctional and where it needs support, and create a plan of treatment and focus to help the nervous system mature more rapidly to the appropriate developmental level.

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