Frequently Asked Questions

The WC network is a unique community of individuals. We are a resource for practitioners for business development and client acquisition. The connection and alignment with our practitioners is critical to everyone’s success. The more we know, the more you grow.

WC is here to meet individuals wherever they are with their health. Whether you need a practitioner to connect with short term, or you have more complex, ongoing issues, we can help guide you by connecting you to the practitioner(s) best suited to your particular health challenge.

Yes. Every client that sets up an email with WC receives a FREE 20 minute consultation with a navigator, to answer any questions. Check our Welcome Email for details.

Many people feel frustrated with their health and don’t know where to start. At WC, we are

unique, in that we want to personalize your healthcare to meet your individual needs. By working with a navigator, the process is streamlined, ensuring that you are working with vetted professionals specific to your situation, thereby saving you time and money.

There is NO charge for joining; client “membership” is free.

Reach out to us, and we will provide you with a search, if necessary.

Yes, we do charge hourly after the FREE 20 minute consultation. Price varies, based on navigator.

We meet and experience each one of our practitioners.

Practitioners will be promoted on our site. They will have access to our network of like-minded practitioners. They have the opportunity to share resources (recipes, articles, events) on the WC site. WC will promote practitioners on social media approximately two times a year. Practitioners also have access to WC practitioner-specific events for business growth and awareness (social media, marketing, website, etc).

We are a subscription model, where practitioners pay a monthly fee starting at $35 monthly.

WC is unique in the community it has built both in physical and virtual space for its practitioners. Many practitioners who join enjoy being with a group of like-minded people. Our ‘secret sauce’ -- what differentiates us from other networks -- is our focus on connection and community.