Charlotte and Kerry discuss how Kerry came to her life's purpose after a decades-long career in the corporate world as an  investment banker. She was born with healing gifts, but shut them down at the age of 17. Years later, when a family member had a health crisis, she opened her heart fully and chose to embrace her gifts and pursue her soul's higher calling. She describes her work as "all about movement," helping people move into wholeness through health, love and peace. She explains how, through her gentle process tapping directly into your physical body, your soul and your guides to receive information, she channels these messages while connecting to powerful vibrational frequencies to facilitate healing in your body and soul. As energy is non-local, Kerry is fully able to work virtually and help clients all over the world, working within the chakras, body, energy fields and soul to restore health, vitality and balance. With her intuitive advice and insights, she teaches you how to connect to the innate wisdom of your body, engage your power and transform your life with an action plan designed specifically for you and your body. Working with anyone who is not satisfied with their life, her purpose is to help you not need her -- teaching you about yourself so that you can move on, on your own.

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