Charlotte and Jenny explore how Jenny came to her career as a Holistic Chef and owner of Contigo Kitchen. Having been cooking in the kitchen since she was a small child, her first restaurant job at farm-to-table establishment Chez Panisse in CA, and her subsequent work with one of their former chefs, Emily Su, taught Jenny an appreciation for the entire process, from farmers to chefs, and inspired her focus on quality ingredients, whole foods and eating to heal. Jenny explains how she gets to know clients, working closely with them to fully customize weekly menus based on their specific needs and wants, taking into account gut health, food sensitivities, allergies and restrictions. She then creates main dishes, sides, salads and snacks that clients can finish building -- heat, dress or garnish, keeping clients connected to their food. One of the things that Jenny feels is most important is to create alternatives to favorite comfort foods, helping clients understand that food can be flavorful and healthful. She reminds us that great quality makes great food, and it doesn't have to be complex (though meal prep is an art). Jenny jokingly calls herself the food fairy, providing healthful foods that give relief to busy people, hopefully inspiring them to try something new.

Areas of Focus
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