Charlotte and Janelle explore how Janelle transitioned from her original training as an Occupational Therapist doing acute & rehab work to home-care and hospice work, to Ayurvedic work, and ultimately to Lyme Magnetic Protocol practice. They walk through the science behind bio-magnetic pair therapy -- how, using muscle testing, practitioners can locate areas of infection or imbalance, then utilize the polarity of the magnets to allow the body to break down infection, wake up immunity and self-heal. Though originally focused on vector-borne and tick-borne illnesses, Lyme Magnetic Protocol is currently used to help with Epstein Barr, strep, parasitic infections, epilepsy, PANDAS and more. Janelle reminds us that, "the body is brilliant," and how she works to create a safe environment for her clients and look beyond the diagnosis to what's underneath.

Areas of Focus
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