Charlotte and Isabelle discuss how Isabelle transitioned from being a kindergarten teacher (who taught 3 of 4 of Charlotte's children!) to doula to self-taught Oracle Card Reader.  Isabelle explains that she was always drawn to metaphysics, and as a young mother undergoing divorce, she turned to cards as a method of guidance and self-healing. She began to use card reading as a daily practice to connect with her higher self, and decided to share this gift with others, who are often mothers themselves. Though sessions during the pandemic are virtual, they would typically take place in Isabelle's home.  Based on the client's energetic presentation, Isabelle chooses a deck, and based on their needs and intentions, she chooses a format.  The process is all about getting calm and still, with clients pulling the cards that a meant for them -- not necessarily the cards they might want.  Isabelle reminds us that, even when the cards may seem dark or daunting, they are healing tools that offer guidance in times of difficulty and transition.

Areas of Focus
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