Charlotte and Emily discuss how a pregnancy (and some terrible morning sickness) sent Emily looking for the cleanest, most natural, non-toxic products for herself and her growing family (as well as a natural solution for her nausea). A former roommate introduced her to Young Living products, and Emily explains that she was immediately impressed by their extraordinary quality and efficacy. From the best plant sources come the best essential oils, grown world-wide in their native habitats by YL, and quality controlled from seed to seal through sustainable practices. Emily explains some of the many uses for essential oils: immune support, sleep support, stress management, endocrine and digestive support, even cooking, and how they can be diffused, used topically, and the vitality oils can even be ingested. Charlotte and Emily discuss the attributes of some of their favorite oils for personal use: Peace & Calming, Stress Away, and Joy.  For cleaning purposes, they agree that Thieves is fantastic -- super concentrated (to be diluted in water), effective and safe, unlike the harmful chemicals that make up most household cleaners and can cause sensitivities and toxicity.

Areas of Focus
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