Charlotte and Suzanne discuss how Suzanne transitioned from a 20-year biotech career to Holistic Health Coaching, via a passion for good food and movement, and a realization of the importance of rest, rejuvenation and happiness. Formerly a heavy-duty jock, Suzanne struggled with injuries and felt that she needed to move more gently, so she began studying martial arts, specifically Tai Chi and QiGong.  In her practice, Suzanne looks at four fundamental components of health: diet (she even wrote a cookbook), movement, rest and happiness.  She can explore one, a combination or all of those components with clients, either through one-on-one coaching packages, classes or workshops.  Suzanne and Charlotte discuss that happiness is a component that is so crucial, but often goes unrealized, and that we often don't even know what brings us joy.  We may be in a space that is neither depressed or joyful, but somewhere in-between. As Suzanne explains, QiGong, in particular, promotes happiness and joy, as the calm it brings helps release happiness. It's excellent for physical and energetic movement, relieving stress and anxiety and promoting sleep.

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