Charlotte and Remi discuss how Remi came to Astrology early, at the age of 14, when a bequest of a box books changed her life. Remi explains that astrology is a science based on planets (archetypes of our psyche), signs (energetics of the world) and houses (areas of life that we experience). It explains who you are, where you're going, what you came for and what you're meant to do. Remi discusses how a  reading of your natal chart shows where your planets are at the time of your birth, which determine your energetic makeup, revealing your potential, but leaving you to do the work necessary to follow your life's intended path, even though it may be difficult. They touch on how no one is "just one sign" and the interplay of free will with astrology, and Remi reminds us that by following your path, whatever you create is going to help someone else in the future, and how following your life's purpose will ultimately leave you feeling happier and more whole.

Areas of Focus
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